I started to become interested in photography from the moment I developed a roll of film that my parents had long forgotten in their closet. It was a great surprise to discover images of myself on that roll, taken 15 years before. It was like a time capsule message from the past, a sign of my destiny. That is how I continually pursue doing photography, always looking for the images that will become messages of moments from the past.

I was born and raised in Mexico. There, I became a photographer, first encouraged by a friend and then self-taught. After receiving my BA in communications I set up my own photography business. In my early career, I worked for several major companies and education entities in central Mexico. The diversity of subjects and assignments gave me a wealth of experience. Suddenly in 2000 my life changed and I decided to move to the U.S. It was difficult at the beginning, starting from the bottom again and it has never stopped being extremely challenging. This site shows where I have been but also, and more importantly, where I am going. My website, like myself and my work, is a constant evolution.

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